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Title: Dire l’Europe à travers le monde - Les mots des étudiants dans l’enquête EuroBroadMap

Authors: Arnaud Brennetot, Karine Emsellem, France Guérin-Pace et Bénédicte Garnier

Eurobroadmap Final Report

How Europe exists in the mind? How Europe exists in relation to political discourse? What is the position of Europe in regionalization of the World, according to functional flows and networks? 

Mapping European Union in the World

Three round tables between stakeholders and researchers

Mapping European Union in the World

6th March 2012 - 09h/17h, Brussels

  • Strategic visions of Europe in the world (around 5 visions of Europe as normative power / world economic center / continent with borders / archipelago of attractive places / the EU). 
  • National visions of Europe in the world (comparison between 12 national visions of Europe in the world: from Member States / Candidate and neighboring countries / Africa and Southern America / China and India).
  • Mental maps as pedagogic tools for dialogue (Pedagogical toolkit for better understanding between nations inside and outside EU).

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Mental Maps | Migrants - Borders | Politics - Ideology | Flows - Networks.

Then download the final reports produced by the researchers, in ADOBE Acrobat format. Files are gradually made available, few weeks after their validation. 

The last one, the synthesis report will be publish before the beginning of March 2012.

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Welcome in the Eurobroadmap Project...

... European Union and the world seen from abroad!           

Geographers are the most critical social scientists when it comes to the delimitation of borders of the so-called European continent.

Continents as Huntington’s civilisation are ideological productions that are certainly not based on natural facts. But they are deeply enhanced in the mind of European citizens and policy-makers because they were historically produced by Europeans as a tool of world power.

It is therefore crucial to examine which divisions of the world are perceived by people located outside the European Union, in order to produce a non Eurocentric view.

The Methodological papers serie

LogoLaurent Beauguitte, researcher involved in the Work Package 5 - Flows and Networks - offer a serie of worksheets on basic concepts of social network analysis.

Periodically, sheets will be available to students and people looking to learn these tools of analysis.

 This files could be upload in the WP5 results pages or by click here.

NEW CONTENT [22 Dec. 2010] Visualizing Networks

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Key Facts
Project Type: Collaborative research project
Funding Scheme: European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (SSH-2007-4.3.1)
Project Start: 1/1/2009
Project End: 31/12/2011
Coordination: Prf Claude Grasland (CNRS), Paris
Grant Agreement: n° 225260
EU Contribution: 2,01 M.€
Cordis SSH: